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Advocate Discernment

The Spread the Word resistance movement began in 1995 as a call for discernment and action against abuses toward humanity demonstrated by so-called alien entities. With abduction reports on the rise, the nature of the perpetrators is becoming more clear. These entities, specifically the Grays and their associates, are breaking the laws of both humankind and God. They kidnap, rape, implant and traumatize men, women and children repeatedly. They have no compassion for emotions or pain, mirroring the worst of our own behavior. STW has established a voice of resistance through an emblem - the image on our stickers. We are saying NO to the deception, oppression, and passive victimhood. Highly respected researchers of alien resistance are finding that faith, strength of spirit and righteous anger are successfully averting abduction attempts. People need to know and to believe: Resistance works. STW encourages a careful search for the truth. With much confusion and conflicting information clouding the facts, we urge everyone to carefully assess the testimonials, including ours. Think about it, absorb it, search within and find your own truth. Most importantly, take an educated stand.

For FREE stickers of this image, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

V2/STW Box 911 Stanwood WA, 98292 USA

Help Spread the Word! You get over 200 free 1-inch stickers and 3 free 4-inch stickers with each request. If you are requesting stickers from outside of the USA, please message us on Facebook to make arrangements for shipping. Need more stickers? Write again! Extra stamps = extra stickers. Large quantities available. See our STUFF section.


In 1995 the original Resistance Movement against alien oppression was born- Spread the Word- with the first printing of the resistance emblem. Starting with our initial run of 9000 stickers, the keys to P.O. Box 911 (a gift from God), and an ad in an independent magazine, we began sending stickers to anyone who responded. Thousands of stickers soon turned into millions through the miracle of networking with ongoing sticker requests now spanning decades. We are and have been committed to the mission of bringing awareness to all in a language everyone can understand; a universal symbol. These days we often get letters saying "I had your stickers as a kid" with requests for more. Nothing is more gratifying to us than hearing from our old friends. We get many letters thanking us for still being here at the original Resistance Headquarters. Our thanks however, go out to you- all those people all over the planet who have distributed the stickers wherever they go. We couldn't do what we do without you. Now, with the internet and access to social media, the movement continues to take on new forms. Photos and updates will now be posted on our Facebook page as we go forward. As always, send us a stamped business-sized envelope with your address if you'd like a supply of our stickers. We will fill it with stickers and send it back to you. Our endless gratitude to all. Continue to fight the Good Fight!

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Previous Posts

15 Years and an Unsung Hero
As Spread the Word celebrates 15 years of alien resistance, we would like to acknowledge an Unsung Hero, without whom this campaign could not continue. Our deepest gratitude goes out to the printer of the STW stickers. For years our sticker source has been steadfast in printing and delivering our stix, giving us the best price breaks possible, and never once raising the price in all these years despite what we are sure are mounting costs on their end. Without our generous and compassionate printer, STW would not be able to offer stickers free to everyone. In passing the 23 million sticker milestone, STWHQ wishes to at long last thank our loyal printer and dear friend, affectionately known as "S2". We couldn't do what we do without you!

Summer Update
Our very best to festival/symposium participants, sticker distributors, and attendees at this year's Roswell events. The quest for truth is, and always has been, a noble one. Congratulations to the Alien Resistance Group/Roswell on their 10th anniversary. To those who have experienced mail delays, we thank you for your patience. Occasionally mail does get lost (or abducted) coming or going so if you do not receive your stix within 3 weeks, please write again and let us know. STW also extends gratitude to the researchers and authors over the years who have sent us their books and their support. Special thanks to those who have included mention of the resistance (or stickers) in their publications. We stand honored and salute you.

Mail Delays and Acknowledging the Military
Thanks in advance to those requesting stickers for their patience this Spring and into the Summer as operations at STW Headquarters go mobile for a time. Please allow several weeks for delivery of your stickers. Also, STW extends a long delayed expression of gratitude to members of the military who have continued distribution of stickers in Iraq and elsewhere overseas for many years. To all our friends all over the world, we thank you. Keep fighting the good fight!

22 Million Stickers and Continued Activities Worldwide
We cannot send enough thanks to our devoted champion in New York City whose fearless efforts there this year have been beyond compare. Through the amazing distribution efforts of this single dedicated individual, inestimable thousands of New Yorkers and visitors to the city have been visually inoculated with the STW emblem. (See photo page.) We are forever indebted to our loyal friend along with newly formed resistance groups in Scotland, Sweden and Belarus. Ongoing appreciation to our heroes in Mexico City. We also thank those who made room in their baggage for stix and distributed them throughout Europe and Canada during summer travels. Our gratitude also extends to faithful resisters who distributed thousands of stickers at the Roswell Festival again this year. Our thankfulness is compounded as Spread the Word has now passed the 22 million sticker mark.

STW takes the show on the road!
Beginning in May, the STW Crew will be venturing from headquarters and taking frequent road trips. We anticipate these efforts to be fruitful. STW asks for patience with sticker requests in receiving materials as there will be some delays in shipments. As always, we are so grateful for all resistance efforts. Thank you for understanding as this campaign goes forward.

21 Million Stickers and Continued Activities Worldwide
Having just passed the 21 million sticker milestone, STW extends a very special thanks once again to our ever-constant and kind friends in Mexico City for their heroic diligence there, despite occasional frustrations with abducted packages. We also wish to acknowledge our brave ally in Bulgaria facilitating sticker distribution in Macedonia and the Balkans. To our old friend in Portugal, thank you for helping to spread the word in your language via the Internet. Anonymous resisters at the Burning Man event in Nevada made the emblem quite visible once again, for which we are extremely grateful, as attendance was near 50,000 this year. Thanks always to all our friends in the music industry worldwide. Continued gratitude to our longtime friend in Texas for ongoing distribution efforts at the local library there. And to our friends who were the voice of resistance at the Roswell Festival this year, we salute you all.

Resistance in Action
Courtesy of Eclipse Records, STW now has a Street Team!

Accolades to Mail Artists and Relay for Life Team
STW would like to offer a long delayed extension of gratitude and respect to the worldwide mail art network. Mail artists from around the globe have distributed stickers for over a decade through their own unique and creative web. We are honored to be a part of the mail art community whose correspondences have colored the STW mailbox for many years. Our deep thanks also to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team/Florida for their fine efforts supporting both causes this past spring. Well done everyone!

Resistance efforts in South America
Many thanks to the major record and concert production company in Bogota, Colombia, for its resistance efforts in South America. The company distributes stickers at concerts, and includes a sticker on every event ticket. Through industry magazines, this company has offered networking of resistance materials in conjunction with international band promotion. Spread the Word wishes to extend deepest gratitude to the tour manager/editor who has been behind the alien resistance movement for nearly 10 years. Muchas gracias to our loyal and caring friend for continued and tireless dedication.

Resistance activities underway in Kosovo, formerly Yugoslavia.
Kosovo is a struggling country with an average monthly salary of $30 and unemployment rate of 60%, yet still wanting participation in world issues. For security reasons, supplies were sent to a contact person in a neighboring country who was kind enough to deliver the stickers across the border to a library in Kosovo, where they will be distributed. STW extends our deep gratitude to the courageous individuals behind this effort.

Send in Your Site Translations!
Speak another language? We are always willing to post the basic materials of our site in different languages. So if you happen to speak Swedish or some other tongue, we would love to get your translations to post in our WORLD section. We will send you some extra stickers for your trouble. Just mail your translations along with your sticker request to the same address you see above. But before you do, check the world section to see if we already have your language. Thanks! (Now updated with new translations.)