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Advocate Discernment

The Spread the Word resistance movement began in 1995 as a call for discernment and action against abuses toward humanity demonstrated by so-called alien entities.

With abduction reports on the rise, the nature of the perpetrators is becoming more clear. These entities, specifically the grays and their associates, are breaking the laws of both humankind and God. They kidnap, rape, implant and traumatize men, women and children repeatedly. They have no compassion for emotions or pain, unacceptable behavior regardless of who commits the crime. STW has established a voice of resistance through an emblem - the image on our stickers. We are saying NO to the deception, oppression, and passive victimhood. Highly respected researchers of alien resistance are finding that faith, strength of spirit and righteous anger are successfully averting abduction attempts. People need to know and to believe: RESIST for the sake of your soul. STW encourages a careful search for the truth. With much confusion and conflicting information clouding the facts, we urge everyone to carefully assess the testimonials, including ours. Think about it, absorb it, search within, and find your own truth. Most importantly, take an educated stand.

Free Stickers

For FREE stickers of this image, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

V2/STW Box 911 Stanwood WA, 98292 USA

Help Spread the Word! You get over 200 free 1-inch stickers and 12 free 4-inch stickers with each request. If you are requesting stickers from outside of the USA, please message us on Facebook or Instagram to make arrangements for shipping. Need more stickers? Write again! Extra stamps = extra stickers. Larger quantities are available. See our STUFF section for details.



In 1995 the original Resistance Movement against alien oppression was born- Spread the Word- with the first printing of the resistance emblem. Starting with our initial run of 9000 stickers, the keys to P.O. Box 911, and an ad in an independent magazine, we began sending stickers to anyone who responded. Thousands of stickers soon turned into millions through the miracle of networking with ongoing sticker requests now spanning decades. We are and have been committed to the mission of bringing awareness to all in a language everyone can understand; a universal symbol. These days we often get letters saying "I had your stickers as a kid" with requests for more. Nothing is more gratifying to us than hearing from our old friends. We get many letters thanking us for still being here at the original Resistance Headquarters. Our thanks however, go out to you- all those people all over the planet who have distributed the stickers wherever they go. We couldn't do what we do without you. Now, with the internet and access to social media, the movement continues to take on new forms. As always, send us a stamped business-sized envelope with your address if you'd like a supply of our stickers. We will fill it with stickers and send it back to you. Our endless gratitude to all. Continue to fight the Good Fight!

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