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The UFO Phenomenon exists. It has been with us throughout history. It is physical in nature and it remains unexplained in terms of contemporary science. It represents a level of consciousness that we have not yet recognized, and which is able to manipulate dimensions beyond time and space as we understand them.
Forbidden Science by Jacques Vallee

The UFO phenomenon represents a manifestation of a reality that transcends our current understanding of physics... The UFOs are physical manifestations that cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see in effect here is not an alien invasion. It is a control system which acts on humans and uses humans.
Messengers of Deception by Jacque Vallee

To me that's why puzzles like UFOs are interesting. I don't have a personal theory to "explain" them, but I see them as an opportunity to pose new questions. If it's true that information resides in the questions we ask, coming up with novel problems may be more important than having answers, at this stage of our very limited understanding of the universe.
(From an interview with Jacques Vallee in the e-zine 50 GCAT.)

I have never been comfortable with an arbitrary separation of the world into the physical universe (which is presumably what science studies) and the psychological, social and psychic side of life. To me that arbitrary separation is the major weakness of our intellectual system.
(From an interview with Jacques Vallee in the e-zine 50 GCAT.)

The only people I know of that can really deal with it (the alien phenomena) are quantum physicists and theologians. It is interesting to me that the theologians and physicists are beginning to talk to each other.
(From an interview with Retired Sergeant-Major Robert Dean in UFO Update AZ.)

... because "psychoid events have both a partial and temporal physical manifestation," they are "occurring in a realm of reality that does not fit into material physics" but does, however, fit into quantum physics, "which doesn't describe the realm of subjective experience or the realm of objective experience," but rather "the realm of imaginal experience that is potential material experience."
The Dreaming Universe by Fred Alan Wolf

We may very well be something different from what we believe ourselves to be, on this earth for reasons that may not yet be known to us.
Whitley Strieber, author of Communion

The idea that men, women, and children can be taken against their wills from their homes, cars, and school yards by strange humanoid beings, lifted onto spacecraft, and subjected to intrusive and threatening procedures is so terrifying, and yet so shattering to our notions of what is possible in our universe, that the actuality of the phenomenon has been largely rejected out of hand or bizarrely distorted in most media accounts. This is altogether understandable, given the disturbing nature of UFO abductions and our prevailing notions of reality. Thousands of individuals who appear to be sincere and of sound mind and who are seeking no personal benefit from their stories have been providing to those who will listen consistent reports of precisely such events. Population surveys suggest that hundreds of thousands and possibly more than a million persons in the United States alone may be abductees or "experiencers", as they are sometimes called. The abduction phenomenon is, therefore, of great clinical importance if for no other reason than the fact that abductees are often deeply traumatized by their experiences. At the same time the subject is of obvious scientific interest, however much it may challenge our notions of reality and truth.
John E. Mack, MD, Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School

(Psychotherapist) Dr. Angela Brown-Miller views alien intervention in human history as a subtle story of enslavement and deception, and our spiritual awakening as a process of revolt.
Michael Miley, UFO Magazine (Volume 1 1, #2).

I was stunned when I read Chapter XLIV of the 1928 translation of the Book (of Enoch). There it gave a detailed physical description of the "watchmen" who oversee the gates of Sheol (hell). It states that the angels, who take the wicked to Sheol are gray in color, short like children, and take on a somewhat human-like appearance.... From my theoretical perspective on all of this strangeness, the Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum is the spiritual world ... UFO abductions and certain other mystical experiences are created by an interaction between the "angel" beings normally residing in the unseen portions of the EM spectrum with humans "chosen" for the experience.
(From an article by Dr. Greg Little, in Alternate Perceptions #34.)

What does the abduction phenomenon mean? We have been invaded. It is not an occupation, but it is an invasion. At present we can do little or nothing to stop it. The aliens have powers and technology greatly in advance of ours, and that puts us at a tremendous disadvantage in our ability to affect the phenomenon or gain some control over it. We do not know what is going to happen in the future, just as we do not know what the aliens' ultimate purposes are. We do know that the effect on abductees' lives can be devastating. The net effect of the abduction phenomenon on our society and culture at large could very well be the same over a long period of time.
Contact between the races is not taking place in a scenario that has been commonly envisioned by scientists and science fiction writers: two independent worlds making careful overtures for equal and mutual benefit. Rather, it is completely one-sided. Instead of equal benefit, we see a disturbing program of apparent exploitation of one species by another. How it began is unknown. How it will end is unknown. But we must face the abduction phenomenon squarely and begin to think rationally about what to do about it.
Secret Life by David Jacobs

Abductees have been subjected to an extraordinary range of experiences; some of them quite positive and some unimaginably brutal. Unfortunately the brutality must overshadow and call into question the good. Most abductees have been systematically kidnapped, routinely tortured and consistently lied to since early childhood.
(From the article "Where's the Soul?" "Where's the Beef?!" by Red Skye, in the HUFON Report, June 1994.)

Derrel Sims (speaking of the alien presence) has made the astute observation that deception is practiced by those who have something to hide and what is hidden is their vulnerability; their weakness. Exposing this weakness may inevitably deflate their illusion of power and provide an advantage (and opportunity) for those who have knowledge of that weakness.
(From the article "Where's the Soul?" "Where's the Beef?!" by Red Skye, as above. Derrel Sims is Chief Investigator, Houston UFO Network, and former member of the CIA and the military police)

UFO abduction reports, because of their similarity of content and detail, must be accepted one of two ways: Either they represent some new and heretofore unrecognized and nearly universal psychological phenomenon - a theory which does not take into account the accompanying physical evidence -or they represent honest attempts to report real events.
lntruders by Budd Hopkins

The inescapable profundity of the alien presence has become a source of social pathology in our time. As a culture, we have not yet learned how to tell the truth about something so huge, so strange, and so unexpected. Individuals who make an honest effort to deal with it often discover that their personal stability is at risk. Consequently, the alien presence requires us all to grow, to become stronger and clearer, and to help one another to find our way in a genuinely new world.
Michael Lindemann (futurist, author and UFO investigator)

A new cosmology is emerging that says there are many more dimensions than this one -that earth exists in one particular dimension that has a particular atomic frequency - that other frequency forms from other dimensions can penetrate and even overlap our Space-Time, as different radio and TV signals can move together in a single space to be separated at a receiver by a frequency tuner - that there are many other universes which can be radically different from ours in appearance and physical make-up - and that intelligences other than human are forcing glimpses of other realities upon us.
Glimpses of Other Realities by Linda Moulton Howe

"UFO entities" associated with abduction scenarios seem to be intradimensional in nature because they are reported to materialize and dematerialize and to move through solid, physical matter. They also, in some cases, seem to be able to shape-shift according to the demands of the moment. The transitory nature of the entities seems to indicate that they are only temporarily visible in our space-time. If this is so, we can postulate that when their purpose is completed, the energy from which their temporarily physical bodies are formed returns to the source from which it originated, leaving us no real clue as to their true nature or appearance.
(From the article "Resisting Alien Abductions" by Ann Druffel,author and UFO researcher,in the MUFON UFO Journal, March 1992).

If witnesses involved in UFO encounters feel within themselves that they have inviolable rights, they are protected by that knowledge, and likewise, if witnesses feel that they can be protected by a spiritual source outside themselves, they are protected by that knowledge.
Ann Druffel (as above)

The human race has a basic right to preserve itself from unwanted interference, especially from unidentifiable beings.
Ann Druffel from Close Encounters of the 4th Kind by C. D. B. Bryan

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:12

The dark side is getting very aggressive, and it must now be met with something like direct resistance.
Whitley Strieber from his journal.

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